Cutting CostApril 1, 2013

Colorado Springs, CO

EQ At Work announces new pricing for it’s proven emotional intelligence courses for personal EQ development and for Coach Training and Coach Certification.

“I wanted to make this wonderful material available to as many people as possible,” said Joseph Liberti, Master Eq Coach and founder of EQ At Work “The same material that was being taught in our seminars at $2495 per person is now available in multi-media courses for as little as $159 complete,” said Joseph.

“One of the ways we reduced prices is to remove unneeded frills and to make technical support, personal coaching and coach mentoring separate paid options. Personal EQ Coaching is available from $75 per session, Coach mentoring is $150 per session and technical support is now available at $15 per episode. Of course, there will be no charge for technical support that is required because of a failure in EQ At Work servers, course content, or course delivery systems.

A Seven Day No-Risk Free Trial has also been added. Purchases may simply notify EQ At Work within seven days, on the provided form, and receive a full refund of purchase price.

Details and mimi previews of every  element of each course are available on our home site at

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