Emotional Self-Awareness Without Purposeful Action Creates Illusion

The trouble with a little bit of emotional self-awareness is that you can easily fool yourself into thinking that you’ve “got it handled.” I have observed some coaching clients become more aware of the emotions that influence them, but continue to do the same self-sabotaging behaviors. They say, “well now that you have helped me see what’s going on, I’ll just be different.” They are counting on overcoming habit with just willpower. Good luck with that. These folks are now caught in the illusion that they are different but they end up failing victim to the same blind spots, emotional reactions and unproductive behaviors.

New psychological research acknowledges that willpower is a limited resource. As Stanford psychologist BJ Fogg says, “In the long term, willpower alone won’t work for difficult behaviors. You need to take a different approach, such as changing your environment, removing triggers and taking baby steps.”

In my EQ at Work method, I show people how to chunk change down into baby steps, to trigger new purposeful actions and to create structures that support them to maintain change. The kind of willpower that is needed initially is the motivation to be different. If you are really tired of the way things are and are committed to making a change, this step by step process assures your success.

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Joseph Liberti, Founder EQ At Work

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